FLX Technologies Ltd
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About Us

FLX Technologies is a UK based hosting and infrastructure business. Run by a friendly and passionate team, with lots of experience building and managing hosting companies, ISPs, and managed services.

Our commitment to building long term relationships, working in partnership with our customers is proven, some of our customers have been with us since we began, back in 2010.

Over the years, we've built a solid, business grade network and hosting infrastructure, this powers all of our service offerings, from simple website hosting through to colocation and IP transit.

We own our infrastructure

We own and operate all of our servers and associated equipment, as well as our BGP connectivity network. We have no external debt, we're privately owned, and we do not resell the services of any other company. Everything we deliver we control and have 100% visibility over, which means we can spot problem areas before they arise, and allows us to deliver the highest level of reliability and flexibility to our customers.

We don't provide meaningless SLAs

Rather than promising a meaningless uptime guarantee, with lots of caveats and contractual loop holes, we instead ensure that everything we do is delivered on redundant infrastructure. We've built our core network from the ground up, with redundancy in mind, to ensure that there are no single points of failure anywhere within our network. Our hosted infrastructure is designed to be self healing, and adaptive, so your services always remain online.

We are truly 24x7

In the unlikely and unfortunate event that you need to speak to someone outside of hours, you'll get through to an in-house, full time member of staff. We don't just provide a warm body, or answering service outside of hours, you'll speak to someone that has the knowledge, experience, access, ability and authority to do whatever is needed to help you.

We are transparent

We believe in true operational transparency, and provide complete visibility over your services, utilisation and performance. We don't oversubscribe or oversell any element of our service offering, if you're paying for X amount of storage, or Y amount of bandwidth, the resources are dedicated for your use, and your use only.

Why our customers choose us

Business Owners choose us as we're techies that don't speak in ones and zeros. Being truly available 24/7 delivers a lot of comfort & assurance too.

Tech Wizards choose us as we're flexible, we don't try to make them conform to a defined services box. We're techies that take pride in doing things the right way.

IT Managers choose us as we're highly experienced in what we do. We complement their skill sets, and work hand in hand. We're not a threat to the incumbent IT team.

Developers choose us as we're cost effective, and we don't oversubscribe our services. We allow them to burst, chop and change their services, quickly and with little notice.