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Email Hosting

Every business needs secure, reliable, and professional email services. Our hosted email services are owned and operated in-house. We don't resell the services of any other providers. Your data remains in the UK, on servers and infrastructure that we own and operate.

As we firmly believe in transparency, we do things a little differently when it comes to pricing. We charge a flat fee per mailbox, and a fixed price per Gb based on your total actual mailstore size. This ensures fair and transparent pricing, we only charge for your actual usage.

We've developed two different email hosting offerings, to deliver the most value for our customers - Standard and Exchange.

Standard Email

Standard email is perfect for those who "just need an email account", suitable for anyone looking to move to a business grade service. Accessible via POP3/IMAP/Webmail, and protected by our standard anti spam service. You can access your email from any email application, on PC, Mac, and all mobile devices.

At a minimum, all standard email packages come with 10 mailboxes, and 10 Gb storage (£1.50 /month). Any additional mailboxes or storage are charged for as per our pricing table. Standard email is billed annually. This is purely to keep our adminstrative overheads to a minimum.

Exchange Email

Powered by Microsoft Exchange 2016, delivering full email, contact, calendar, and notes synchronisation between multiple devices. Suitable for businesses needing a secure, reliable and scalable email service. Protected by our enhanced anti spam service.

Each exchange mailbox comes with 2 Gb storage as standard. Your storage is pooled, and charged for across your actual mailstore usage. If you had 10 exchange mailboxes, paying £39.99 per month, your company would have 20 Gb of inclusive storage, shared between all of your users. Any additional mailboxes or storage are charged for as per our pricing table.

We also provide "fixed price" exchange mailboxes, where the storage is assigned to a specific mailbox. We find that some customers prefer this, over our utility model. As an independently owned operator, we have total flexibility over our commercial models.

We offer a number of additional services for exchange, including inbound email archiving, long term mailbox archiving, automated outbound disclaimers, and more.

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